Mark McGann

Mark McGann is an award winning actor, director, writer, composer and musician with over 35 years of professional experience in the entertainment industry. He has been working extensively as founder and director of Drama Direct Ltd since 2007 and is increasingly acknowledged as an exceptional creative innovator.


9 thoughts on “Mark McGann

  1. Hi Mark – my agent Micheal Joyce has suggested I join you for the course tomorrow – do you have any places free still? And where and what times please?


    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for that. We are not filming tomorrow. The next Screen WS is at the Merlin Theatre in Frome near Bath on Sat 8th November (next Saturday. If you wanted to do that I’d need to know in the next 48 hours as scripts are going out over the weekend. The next London Screen WS is on Sat 29th November. If you want to book for that (or indeed the 8th Nov) all we require is your postal address (for invoice); contact telephone number (in case of emergencies) and a photo or link to a photo online (to help with finding you a suitable scene for the day). I look forward to hearing from you.

      Warm regards,



  2. Hello Mark
    I’m the guy with Parkinson’s that had a brief chat with you after your terrific Lennon show. I have been unable to get my email to the address I thought was the one you gave me but typical of the condition I did say that I would probably get it wrong. Anyway I have resorted to this as a possible means of contacting you.
    Kind regards,

    Richard Tyner


  3. Hi Mark, My name is Amy Kinder and I’m 15 years old nearly 16, very interested in starting on screen acting training. I love acting and find it very fun on stage but acting for the camera is really my dream. Please tell me you have a course soon near by Bristol in which I can attend?! Thanks in advance.


  4. Just want to say thank you for your kind and beautiful words to my partner Giselle Cullinane on her mothers death. Both were in tears of joy at such a bad time. They meant so much and were so genuine. I owe you for that. If you ever need anything that I can help with then just say. Thank you


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