About Drama Direct

Drama Direct was formed in 2007 by award winning actor, director, writer, composer and musician Mark McGann. Delivering exceptionally high quality, original creative arts projects from original screenplays to huge site specific multi-media events to live professional performances or screen & stage acting masterclasses and workshops to corporate training, promotional videos and micro-documentaries throughout the UK and abroad, our main aims are always to constantly break new ground in pursuit of creative excellence, whilst offering ongoing personal and professional support for all our partners and participants. Using Mark’s experiences at the highest levels of the international entertainment industry we aim to inspire and engage all of our artistic, educational and corporate partners to consistently achieve far higher than expected results.


3 thoughts on “About Drama Direct

  1. I respect your work. Watching The Grand. I also enjoyed your singing.
    I am an actress / singer/ songwriter .San Francisco
    I will share information about Drama Direct with my theater friends. Quite interesting
    Blessings to you and your family
    Victoria D’Orazi- Manning

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