Covid-19 has transformed the workplace in recent months. Conventional working environments and associated buildings have been necessarily vacated by large numbers of professionals who now find themselves increasingly reliant upon new technology to conduct vital meetings, webinars and media interviews via online communication programmes like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime etc. 

However, though clearly welcome, convenient and practical, these programmes and their accompanying technology produce a number of new and unprecedented challenges if they are to support effective communication of ideas, information and company representation.

Following extensive research, development and delivery of its successful Presentational Skills & Media Interview Foundation Courses, Drama Direct Ltd, under the directorship of public performance expert Mark McGann, have developed practical and insightful 1-hour Online Specialist Media 1-2-1 Training for all Public and Private Sector Workers. 

Trialled and currently delivering to civil servants within organisations such as the Maritime and Coastguard AgencyRed Ensign Group and Isle of Man Shipping Register, these sessions can be conducted from any geographical location in the world via a stable wi-fi link and offer a best-practice focus designed to improve confidence and constructive self-awareness, whilst imparting crucial practical tips to help best prepare and deliver online professional communication. 

The all-inclusive price of £150 per hour per session includes ongoing post-session email support to encourage and stimulate further professional development at no extra cost. Sessions are recorded, then edited and shared with participants privately with observations and feedback, to serve as a practical future reference.


Working with the Camera – camera/lighting awareness; audio considerations; looking and sounding your best on screen; staying connected.

Professional Personalisation – establishing trust and building bridges; sharing more of you; involving and inspiring your audience.

The Quality of Engagement – the storytelling principle; taking them with you; verbal dynamism; body language.

Greater Self-Awareness – enjoying your unique watchability; knowing when more or less is required; staying engaged whether talking or listening.

The Positive Zone: keeping calm, measured and connected under pressure; appealing to shared values and recognition.

Former Participants’ comments:

Another excellent session with your good-self. As always thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial, just never long enough!!

Thank you for your email and feedback – I have found the sessions extremely useful and have been practising the points more and more over the past few weeks, and it has allowed me to be a little more comfortable on the calls.

Thank you so much for your time and your feedback.  It’s really appreciated. Even though it was only an hour, I certainly took a lot away from our session. I do hope we get to do some more training with you in the future.  

Many thanks for the feedback, I really enjoyed the session and learned lots, I have already invested in a lamp and found a suitable “box” on which I can place the laptop/ipad for planned and important meetings (darker shirts next on the list). It’s funny how just doing something like this and thinking about what you are doing enhances your confidence about the content of your message.  

I really do value the time and effort you put into the sessions and look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.

Thank you for the feedback. Really helpful and adds further depth to a thoroughly enjoyable and informative hour spent in your company, thank you.

Thanks so much for the feedback and your kind comments. I really appreciate it.

It was a very worthwhile exercise for me, especially in view of the number of digital conferences we are hoping to market ourselves through in due course. I will work hard on engaging with the audience through the camera, which you make look easy!

Was good to see you again, and thank you for the feedback. I found the session very useful. I’m using your advice to use my breathing for space in these situations, which has been really helpful.

For more information or to book contact:

Mark McGann

Company Director

Drama Direct Ltd

01373 471486

07977 068869


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