NOW BOOKING FOR SCREEN ACTING WS – LONDON SAT 29th NOV – £20 discount for Equity Members and additional 10% for former participants and CCP members = £136 (normal price £170)


CALL 01373 471486 or Email

  • A fantastic productive session with a positive hard working team. Actors were instantly put at ease and made to feel welcome both on and off screen – Samantha Lyddiatt.
  • Difficult to see how the course could be improved. Mark McGann was a delight to work with – David Prince
  • Excellent professional and creative environment. Great fun. I love acting when it’s like this – as it’s supposed to be. Thank you Mark. – Robert Gwyn Davin
  • An absolutely invaluable experience. I would highly recommend and would love the opportunity to return for another course. I really will be taking a lot away from this for my own personal improvement, Thank you. – Caron Reidy
  • Amazing! Amazing! Taking the time to explain methods & technique also and allowing observation when other scenes were taking place. – Marc Cox
  • The course was excellent, I have learnt a lot and had a great time. Could not recommend it more highly –  Marcus Armstrong
  • Running through of scene prior to filming very helpful. Gained an insight in building tension in the room without speaking. General interpretation and how to present the story advice invaluable. Direction was extremely helpful informative and empowering. Absolutely fantastic experience – Emyr Gibson
  • Objectives seem perfectly judged. It has ticked all the boxes. Brilliant. Very effectively done – Andria Doherty
  • The session prepared me for what would be expected in future. Made me realise that I’d love to more Film & T.V work even though I enjoy working in the theatre – Louisa B.B Morgan
  • Would definitely do this again, extremely helpful and needed! – Chantal Erraoui
  • Excellent from start to finish – Jayne Farnham-Hill
  • Reassuring, supportive, encouraging – forgiving! – Marie Westcott
  • Very professional environment, a pleasure to work with such an experienced crew. – Cherry Barnett
  • Fantastic I learned something that I was not aware I did when performing to character – Elizabeth Coyle
  • The tutors were fantastic. Picking up on needs of each individual. Just Perfect! – Louisa Lowe.

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