The Drama Direct Ltd project THE LEGEND OF SPOTTEE has been nominated for two prestigious media awards. It competes for the ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY AWARDS 2012 North East for ‘Best Promotional Film’ and has also been shortlisted for the ‘Best Arts and Business Partnership’ for THE JOURNAL CULTURE AWARDS 2011. This success is due in no small part to the collaboration between Drama Direct and Sue Charnley (Producer) and John Baxter (Theatre Director) who worked tirelessly to ensure that the quality of the final performance and film were beyond all expectations, and provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for these children.

Directed and Shot by Mark McGann for Drama Direct Ltd with original music also written by Mark, this project which was shot in the Sunderland/Shouth Shields/Hartlepool area with a cluster of local schools including Monkwearmouth, providing all the actors. It is a true story about a man who was shipwrecked 200 years ago and washed up on the shores of Roker, only to be shunned by the local communities due to their fear and superstition. He subsequently lived in a cave now known as Spottee’s Cave which was the site for the live performance element of the project on 12th August 2011.


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