The setting was great and the whole day had a very professional feel. The scenes were fun and had a good degree of depth to allow us all to demonstrate a good range. I had a great time and really look forward to seeing the final edit of the scene – Erin Brodie

Great refresher. I really liked that the scenes were chosen for us. Mark gives a real sense of what it’s like on a professional shoot – especially in terms of pace. What’s different, though, is Mark is focusing on your performance. That’s a luxury you don’t usually have on a regular shoot. Learnt a lot in my session – Drew Davies

I found the class very interesting this time. Mark is a gent. The little nuances that Mark pinpoints in his direction and subtle tips and tricks of the trade cannot have a price put upon them. His attention to detail is fantastic and communication whilst working one on one is 100 percent and these skills are most effective in the class environment. its a joy to listen, learn and develop not only in our own ability but how to conduct yourself in the professional arena. I only wish I didn’t miss my bloody train and arrive a bit late – Paul Butler-Lennox

I felt that Mark’s Masterclass offered me the chance not only to gain some new showreel material, but to polish some skills that had fallen to the wayside since I last worked on screen. In a friendly, supportive and engaging atmosphere I was allowed to get stuck in to my scene without feeling pressured or anxious about the work at hand. Everyone was friendly and bonds were quickly created between not only those working together on a scene but between everyone there on the day. The house itself is a beautiful slice of history the sort of which you only get to see in Downton Abbey and the whole day was set up professionally. Overall … awesome! – Kiel O’Shea

I really enjoyed the whole day. The support from Mark during my scene with Ruth was brilliant and incredibly helpful. He is always so positive and encouraging – Charles Whitnall

I thought the day overall was great, it was great to work with someone as talented as Mark and see how he does things. Its a good tester for yourself as you only have a few hours to prepare with your partner on the day – Tristan Heanue

I thoroughly enjoyed being at Hardwick House within the beautiful grounds and admiring the stunning house. Mark works at a fast pace with sheer enthusiasm for each actor that is there. Marks professionalism is second to none and I took every bit of advice very seriously to only improve my own acting techniques. Mark is a wonderful director and talented, genuine man – Ruth Abram

Whether you are a curious first timer, amateur or professional these classes are available and beneficial to everyone. For more information, dates or to book call 01373 471486 or email or go online to or


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