Managed by Drama Direct Ltd, The Lights theatre in Andover had the delight and pleasure of hosting a dedicated two week educational residency; a residency that was intrinsically linked to the syllabus for the 14 – 19 Creative and Media Diploma. From start to finish, the entire project was an extraordinary success. I can give nothing but the highest accolades, praise and admiration for a learning experience that was both unique and one offering the highest possible professional quality to a group of 20 students. The concept to integrate ‘hands on’ and ‘on the job’ training through the mediums of the dramatic arts, theatre craft and television filming defined this teaching attainment as genuinely authentic, giving each student an unparalleled and bespoke insight into the ways of the industry. In twenty years of working within the field of educational arts outreach, I have rarely seen a concise package providing such focus and clarity in its purpose to teach so many relevant and detailed skills within the realms of ‘creative and media enterprise’. A unique, tailor made project which lifts the bar high on dedicated ‘work experience’ aspirations.

Michael Johnson – Senior Arts Officer Test Valley Borough Council


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