Feedback from Mayflower Theatre Intensive Acting Masterclass

“I thought it was an amazing day, learnt a lot, especially about myself” – Jade Wickenden

“Just the most amazing, informative, friendly day – just brilliantly organised and delivered – thank you so much!” – Sarah Evans

“A most enjoyable and valuable day.  Thank you for including us ‘older ones’! So many summer workshops and courses are aimed at teens and early twenties.  Thank you so much” – Heather Seaton

I would just like to say, once again, thank you so much for the encouragement and support you gave me at the workshop yesterday. It was very inspiring and left me on a real high and feeling very confident.

With best wishes and many thanks,

Georgina Thomas.

Thank you ever so much for a brilliant day yesterday, I really feel it has benefited my confidence and performing abilities.

Hannah Henderson

Thankyou so very much for the most amazing day yesterday, your masterclass was the most inspiring acting experience i’ve had and it was fantastic to gain so much in such little time.

Sarah Evans

I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to you after today’s workshop. However, I just wanted to say thank you very much. I really got a lot out of today.

Maria Wilkinson

Just a quick note to tell you how very much I enjoyed today.  You were a fantastic person to work with and I think you set the tone tremendously allowing everyone, regardless of age or experience to get the most out of the workshop… a rare skill! It’s been a long, long time since I did any kind of acting at all, as I mentioned, so the chance to spend an entire day, doing what I used to (and still do really) love – working on a script, communing with others and getting great direction was simply brilliant.

Dawn Sharpe

Thoroughly enjoyed the day – Mark was very encouraging… Thank you!  – Alison Roache


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