Active Approaches to BLOOD BROTHERS





30th January 2009


Rachel Rhodes – Sandwich Technology School

Rory O’Neill – The Kingswood School

Zoe Newsum – Frederick Gough School

Julia Martin – Farlington School

Claire Hodge – Greenshaw High School

Nicola Tully – East Bergholt High School

Aimee Beckingham – Sackville Community College

Susanne Ewbank – The Manor School

Anne Denton – Worle Community School

Paul Tucker – Bushey Mead School

Karen Gregory – Ryeish Green School

Lindsey Ward – Ipswich School

Hilary Robertson – Hitchin Girls School

Sarah Cutbush – Salesian School (Unable to attend. Will attend future course)


Mark McGann & John Baxter

COURSE FEEDBACK – Each answer asked for rating 5 = Excellent 1 = Poor

Q – Did You Enjoy The Day? Average Mark = 5 (Excellent)

Responses include:

This was a brilliant day, many thanks for the one to one discussions and the pack to take away.


Excellent day of workshops, discussions & deconstruction of characters & text.

Extremely informative!

Q – Did Course Live Up To Expectations? Average Mark = 5

Yes, I particuarly valued the fact that Drama and English teachers were involved. We should work together more!

I consider myself really lucky to have had this chance today. After 27 years of teaching, I realise that I still have so much to learn about Drama and Drama within the English Curriculum.

Yes and more! Brilliant!

Q – Did You Find It Constructive?Average Mark = 5

Highly constructive! It was so useful to have the time to reflect on how I approach reading a play in class and how to make it a far more meaningful experience for the pupils.

Yes! Well structured with enough time for each section. Lovely not to run out of time!

Yes, I am now ready to use the play with a class.

Very comprehensive. Information pack just what was needed.

Q – What Was The Most Beneficial Aspect Of The Course?

Enthusiasm, sharing ideas, wide range of imediately accessible practical approaches and alternative interpretations.

Drama ideas – practicalities alongside theoretical

Practical activities and a scheme of work useful for the vast majority of students.

Erm…everything?! (Sorry if that’s not very helpful!)

Learning how to be a 7 year old without stereotyping. Understanding how to apply chorus work.

Finding production ideas and meeing like-minded people.

Lots of ideas for an English teacher!

Q – Any Other Comments?

Fantastic! Many thanks!

Thanks – Brilliant!

Fantastic resources provided, will be used in class!!!

Thank you – A superb day.

Fabulous! Thank you very much.

It was great!


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