Evaluation from David Redfern, Teacher Year 6R Literacy Group, Greenfield Primary, Walsall

Did the workshop live up to expectations?

Yes, I was very impressed with how the day progressed up to the children creating freeze frames. They began to really think about the characters feelings and attitudes by the end of the session. The activities matched the ability of the children and they have brought about a deeper understanding of the text. The day has benefitted the following work about how the author uses language to get these feelings and attitudes across.

Which part of the day did you find most useful?

There were many useful parts of the day, to choose one in particular it would have to be the interviews of the characters. Although at times the children’s route of inquiry went off on a tangent, it really got them thinking like the character about how they would answer the questions and the attitude they would have in response to the question posed.

Which part of the day did you find least useful? ( if any)


How will you plan to use the techniques in your teaching?

Already plan to use some of the techniques like conscience alley with my class group as they are currently reading Stig of the Dump. Think this will be useful in understanding why Barney does not tell people about Stig. The range of follow up activities you provided will be useful to carry on the work on the Demon Headmaster over the following couple of weeks.

Ideas for further workshops?  e.g. cross curricular / text type specific/ other

Any possible ways to use drama to teach any scientific theories? Making it more memorable than the usual method of their learning.

Any other comments?

Thank you very much for the time that went into the planning of the session, such as reading the book etc. It helped the children as you were fully informed about and understood the topic at hand!

Thank you very much! It was a great day. Dave Redfern and the 6R Literacy group.

Thank you for your comments.

15th January 2009


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