Average mark of 10 delegates based on ratings of 1-5 where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent:

Did the course live up to your expectations?     4.89

Comments included:

‘They have been exceeded.’

‘An absolutely invaluable experience, beyond my expectations.’

‘It certainly did – very beneficial.’

‘An excellent concept which meets a real need.’

‘Really good to be so practical.’

Suitability of Venue?      4.67

Comments included:

‘Easy peasy to get to.’

‘The room was of a suitable size and fab lunch!’

Course organisation?      5.0

Comments included:

‘Innovative, challenging, paced, brilliant.’


‘Good timing of activities and resources excellent.’

Most beneficial aspect of the course?

‘Approaching Shakespeare – how to break it down and get students familiar with language.’

‘The practical nature of it, getting up and doing everything.’

‘Approaches to teaching Shakespeare.’

‘The skills and strategies can be applied to any text.’

‘Great variation and scaffolding of tasks/activities.’

‘Lively, different – sections on plays very revealing.’

Suggestions for future course topics?

‘A complete day on Shakespeare.’

‘Approaches to A’ Level texts.’

‘Greek texts.’

Any other comments?

‘A great day. It’s brilliant to be so active.

‘When’s the next one? I throughly enjoyed myself – thank you. Unmissable!’

‘It was a GREAT day – as well as improving techniques, it was great for forming links between other schools and teachers.’


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